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Things You Need to Know Before You Start a Goat Farm

We keep goats for fresh goat milk, goat cheese and yogurt and also for meat. Those who want to develop a goat farm should bear in mind that goat should not be left alone. At a time there should be minimum two goats. The lonely goat will create a lot of noise and it will always try to escape. Goats like very much to be in the pasture and while in the pasture they run, jump and climb. Hence to have a strong fencing is very important. Those who want to run a goat farm should ensure that the shelter is dry and clean. Goats never like to live in wet places. The shelter and the pasture must be kept dry.

The dairy goats are very particular of following the routine and they get disturbed when the routine is changed. Hence one should be careful while rearranging the milking stands in the goat farm. The goats may get upset with the changes. Goats prefer to eat trees, bushes and hay. Grass is their last option. Those who have goat farm must be very careful since goats will eat the rose and other bushes that are being nurtured in the garden. It is very important to ensure that the goats are never left hungry. The hungry goat will be very aggressive and will eat all those bushes that are nurtured in the garden. The food that the goat eats will provide a unique flavor to its milk. Those who want to start a goat farm should make all arrangements to provide them sufficient quantity of food and water. Goats take only clean food. Hence they should not be fed soiled or contaminated food. Goats enjoy nibbling with their teeth. They have only a lower set of teeth and a razor-shaped tooth on top as well as bottom in the back of the mouth. One must careful while feeding the goat. When they eat tree limbs by breaking them, if our finger happens to be in the way, it will be cut.

Very important

Goats are very curious animals so that and they nibble on everything. This aspect may sometimes lead to severe problems. When they happen to nibble poisonous plants their life will be in danger. The curiosity of goats will put them into trouble in many ways. They may put their heads through the fence or try to observe the other side of the fence. Since all these are risky activities, one has to take sufficient precautions. Goats attack the smaller goats to establish dominance in the herd. When new goats are to be introduced in to the farm it is advisable to introduce two new goats at a time. It is also better to keep together goats of the same size so that the smaller goat will be protected. In case the smaller goats are still with their mother, the smaller one will be protected. Those who nurture goats should ensure to get their love and trust so that they remain happy and healthy. When the goat really loves its master, it will respond when called and the goat will also call its master when they see him. Those who want to start goat farm should ensure that the male goats do not pasture along with the milking goats. For about half of the year the male goats are stinky as well as sticky and as a result their smell will make the milk with bad taste.

No vacation

The dairy goats are to be milked at least once daily irrespective of the climate and season. Milking on all 7 days of the week is very important. When left un-milked, the goats develop severe pain as well as mastitis. Those who want to start goat farm should appoint a reliable and experienced farm sitter to take care of the goats when they want to be away.

Never fail to provide emergency medications

Since goats start to breed at very young age and produce multiple kids in a delivery, they have poor resistance. They get sick very quickly and may die very soon. Those who have goat farm must be aware of the abnormalities shown by each goat and should keep medications in stock in anticipation of an emergency. The medication may fail to save the life of the animal when it is administered too late. The owner of the goat farm must maintain close contact with the veterinary doctor so as to attend any emergency immediately. It is very important to provide the goats with periodic vaccinations as well as regular deworming medicines. Goats are to be disbudded at the young age. The vet will perform the task.

Those who want to start a goat farm should ensure to provide a hygienic environment in the farm. The goat farm owner must be ready to spend money for pails made of stainless steel, clean milking bench and sufficient number of buckets.

The goat farming business

The niche products of goat farming have heavy and growing demands and the countries like the US import goat meat since the local supply is insufficient. Goat milk and goat cheese also have very good demand. There is huge demand for goat fiber also. Since countries are trying to be self-sufficient in goat-milk, goat-cheese and goat-meat, starting a goat farm as a small scale business venture is indeed an excellent idea.

Keep the goats healthy

The success of a goat farming business depends on the health of the herd. Those who are able to maintain a healthy herd can flourish in this business. When the goats are maintained healthy right from their birth they will be more resistant to diseases and also can recover quickly through proper medication. Ensuring to provide the earliest medication to the sick goat is very important. Goats fall sick easily when they are left hungry and are without proper nourishment. Goats drink only clean water and the farm owner should ensure easy access to clean water. The goats must be provided with vaccinations that are common in the particular place. The goats must be protected from attacks by external and internal parasites. This can be ensured by providing regular vaccinations as well as deworming treatments. Whenever there is a sick goat in the herd the same may be kept away from the other goats to prevent spreading of the disease. When new goats are introduced in to the herd the farm owner should ensure that the new-members are free of diseases. The goats are to be sheltered properly during extreme weather.

General symptoms

The farm owner should immediately call the vet and provide proper medication when the goats show symptoms such as struggling to walk, drooping its tail, not taking food, showing dullness, ruffled hair, loss of appetite, drooping the ears and eyes getting pale and dull.

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