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How to Give A Bath To A Goat?

It is necessary to maintain the hygiene of the animals and keep them clean. However, giving a bath to animals is a bit challenging. The requirements of their skin and hair are somewhat different from the skin of human beings. In addition, they need to be washed and rubbed properly so that they get cleaned properly and all the dust which gets stuck in their coat gets removed. I addition, if the animals are given a bath at regular intervals, they do not smell bad. Furthermore, keeping the animals clean helps to get rid of the ticks, fleas and other pests from their skin.

Thinking from where to start?

There are certain arrangements, which you need to make before giving a bath to your goat. In the beginning, you need to tie your goat with a leash to a solid pole or a rigid object so that your goat does not run away or slip from your hands while you give a bath to it. In addition, you need to gather the stuff needed for giving the bath such as shampoo, brush, water and other things. You might need a helping hand at times. Moreover, the water used for giving a bath should be warm or Luke warm to prevent your goat from catching a cold. Fill a pale with warm water and pour some shampoo for goats in the water enough for foam formation or as directed by the veterinarian or instructed on the bottle of shampoo. If your goat has some skin issues or pests on its skin, then use the shampoo as prescribed by the veterinarian.

Get the bathing session started

After you have made all the arrangements and gathered the things, which will be used while giving the bath to your goat, you can bathe your goat. Do not forget to get a helping hand because goats are not fond of bathing and they will try their hard to escape.

So let’s get started!

1.    Pour the soapy water on the goat- starting from the neck, slowly to the back and then, to the tail. Make sure that the forelegs and hind legs also get wet with the soapy water. However, be careful not to pour water on its face.

2.    After the body of the goat becomes wet, rub its coat gently with hands or with a brush. Don’t be harsh on the coat as it may strip off its hair. Make sure that the dust and dirt get removed from its fur.

3.    Now, comes the turn for washing the face. Rub the foam/ soap/ shampoo on the face with hands gently. DO not use a brush for the face. Also, prevent soap from entering in the eyes or the nose.

4.    Pour clean water on the goat to remove all the soap from its coat.

After you have completed giving a bath to your goat, keep your goat in the sun to make its coat dry. You can also dry its coat with the help of a blow dryer or blower.

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