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How to Do Fencing For Goats

Goats are considered as great escapists because if a goat wants to get out, it will apparently find a way out. Even a heavy goat of 100 kgs can easily reach the tree on the other side of the fence if it makes up its mind a smallest of the hole can be the exit.

Why it is important to have good fencing?

Besides good feed and water, good fencing is one an important factor to consider on your farm, for healthy and safe goats and keep them where they belong. Definitely, fencing is one of the most costly investments but for the sake of your goats, you need to do it. Goats might climb on the fence, they might try to stick their heads out of a fence, they might rub along a fence, and also they might try to run through a fence. A good fence is the only hurdle between goats getting into danger or a predator attacking them.

For strong fencing you need to have a good quality fence, strong gate, fence posts, bracing wire, fence staples, and a fence stretcher,

How to construct a fence?

There should be sturdy support on both sides of the gates & at each side of a corner and it should be stretched fully. A saggy fence will not be solid enough to hold the goats. Proper use of staples and fence post together will make good fencing.

Fencing Materials

Use a heavy, strong and non-flexible fence wire, though it will be little tough on the pocket the maintenance cost will be lesser. Try to buy fences with smaller openings (2×4), so goats, especially the males can’t easily stick their heads (horns) and get stuck. The height should be minimum 4 ft and a plain wire should be pulled tightly between the posts at eye- level, this will secure the top part of the fence, also it discourages them from climbing the fence. If you are ready to buy expensive fencing then use of high tinsel wire is also a good option. It is very durable and effective.

Use of Electric Fencing

One of the biggest disadvantages of electric fencing is that it shocks the goats until they realize that they need to maintain a distance from the fence. Sometimes baby goats are unable to take the amount of shock and die. Also, they are very expensive. However, few naughty ones when getting used to this shock might run through these fences also.

Few points to keep in mind-

1.    Timely maintenance of the fencing.

2.    Be open for the changes to make in the fencing. If one option doesn’t work make changes until you get the best fencing for your goats.

3.    Keep your goats happy.  Give them good quality grass and spoil them a little with treats and they will not try to escape.

Finding the best fencing for your goats isn’t that difficult. It is just about finding the fencing that is suitable for your pocket, location & of course your goats.

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