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Goat’s Breed Demand in Footwear Industry

Animals have been a lucrative source for meat, milk, and skin since ages. The skin is exported to countries where they are used for building different fashion products across the world. Apart from sourcing milk and meat, Goats are also used for making different products of leather such as shoes, wallets, cases and much more. The goat’s skin is harnessed for manufacturing real leathers with the skin-hide being used widely for producing leather products.

Popular breeds of Goats used for their skin

  • Black Bengal

Black Bengal goats are found widely in Bangladesh, the eastern region in India, in states of Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, Assam, Tripura. They are predominately found in brown, black and grey variants and rarely in white.

One of the most popular breeds of goats which are used for their skin is Black Bengal. They produce a very low yield of milk, however, in comparison to be popular for their meat and milk, these breeds are more known for their skin. The skin of Black Bengal is used widely in the production of chamois leather that is highly valued for its typical shine and durability.

  • Damascus Goat

Another popular goat breed, whose skin is widely used for generating leather is are Damascus Goats. They are also known as Shami, Aleppo, Chami, Halep, Damascene, and Baladi. They are found across the territories of Syria, Cyprus, Jordon, Israel, Turkey, Palestine and Lebanon. In India, the mixed breeds of this goat that are crossbred with Boer and Sirohi goats are found in parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. Damascus goats are found in varied shades of grey with white, dark and beige colors which are used for making leather products and accessories.

  • Malabari Goats

Also known as Tellicherry, these goats are native to Kerala that are widely reared for its milk, meat, and skin. Their skin is popular in the tanning industry who further use it for generating shiny leather products such as gloves and boots.

What are the advantages of goat skin?

Goatskin is popular for its shine and durability that makes them the top choice for generating genuine leather. The skins of goat are typically referred to as Morocco Leather. The kidskin used to make shoes, different accessories and gloves are traditionally made out of goat’s skin.

  • They are highly durable

As stated, the very reason for using goat’s skin in preparing leather products is due to its high durability. They are long-lasting and do not get destroyed irrespective of how roughly you use it.

  • Soft to touch and shiny

Herein, the tanned leather acquired from the skin of the species is considered more durable in comparison to the non-tanned ones. The tanned sheen renders it a typical softness making it a perfect choice for preparing gloves and boots.

  • Used to prepare a range of leather products

They are widely used in the footwear industry considering the high-quality leather acquired from the breeds. Apart from footwear, the goatskin is also used for preparing book bindings, bota bags, and kefir.

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