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Goat Breeds – Rival Of Dogs To Create An Emotional Bond

Studying history, goats were the first livestock species to be domesticated by humans. Similar to dogs, goats also have emotional needs, they also like to play with other goats and enjoy spending time with their owners when they are petted. However, it has been proved that the goats could rival dogs in terms of emotional bonds with their administrator. Though the dogs are the remarkable candidates for the title ‘man’s best friend’ but researchers have proven that goats are also equally intelligent and good learners like dogs. Similar to dogs, domestic goats can also be trained to follow commands and interact with people. Goats have the power to survive with humans just like dogs.

It is said that the goats and sheep are the same but actually they are very different from each other and the one who has reared them can tell the difference. The average life span of a goat is around 12 years whereas the lifespan of dogs lies between 10 to 13 years. Goats are very curious animals and escape easily and the living space they prefer shall be dry and warm.

Breeds of goats, which are good as pets:

  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats: The Nigerian Dwarf goats are the miniature goat breeds of West Africa. Nigerian dwarf goats are very popular due to their compact size, color and friendly personality of this breed makes Nigerian dwarf a very good companion as pet. These goats are very easy to handle and when kept as a pet, small children can enjoy with them at ease.   
  • Pygmy Goats: Pygmy goats breeds are the great pets, they can be loud to be a good neighbor communicate with the people. Due to the small size of pygmy goats, it is easy to keep them as pets but they cannot be kept inside the house just like cats and dogs. Pygmy goat breeds requires dry and warm shelter and they cannot survive alone.
  • The Kinder: The Kinder goat is a breed of domestic goat, which is originated from a cross between a male pygmy and Nubian doe. These goats are very affectionate having its own distinct personality. The kinder goats are very friendly with humans and always needs a companion to survive with. They can be accompanied with other goats or other animals like donkey etc.

 Goat breeds domestication

Usually, goats are domesticated for their milk, meat, skin, and fiber. They may survive on low-quality grazing land. Goats can be the great companions of people as well as other domestic animals due to their charming personality. However, any breed of goat can be made a good pet but the smaller goat breeds are more popular as backyard companion goats. In some places, goats are as intelligent as dogs but still, the goats need a lot more work do upon as already done on dogs. Though the dogs live indoors they are costly in terms of their diet yet the diet of goats is much cheaper than dogs.

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