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Do You Breed Goats For Meat?

It is often troubling to decide which breed of goat should be raised to get the meat of good quality. Especially, if you are new in this field, it becomes mandatory for you to have a good knowledge of the breeds, which give good quality meat. You might suffer a huge amount of loss in your business if you do not have the required knowledge about the breeds of goat.

All the breeds of the goats can be raised for their meat. However, some breeds are raised specifically for the good quality of their meat.

Let us find out the best breed for meat

There are certain breeds of goat that have good quality edible meat. Some of these breeds of goats are Boer, Black Bengal, Spanish and many more. The nutritional content of the meat of these goats is very high. Special emphasis is laid on such goats so that they mature at a good pace and put on some weight easily.

Let us know talk about the breeds of goats in detail.

•    Boer

Boer was developed in South Africa in the 1900s for the purpose of meat production. The Boer breed of goat has a rapid rate of growth. Along with this, the quality of their carcass is excellent. Furthermore, the breed has a strong immunity and they do not get infected by diseases easily. In addition, their adaptability to hot and dry areas is beneficial as they can survive in hot and dry climatic conditions. Moreover, the breed is docile and has a high rate of fertility. Also, the females possess good mothering skills when compared with the goats of other breeds.

•    Black Bengal

 This breed of goat is found in Bihar, Orrisa, West Bengal, and Bangladesh. The goats are usually black in color. However, some brown, white and gray colored goats can also be found. Thou, the size of its body is small but the structure of their body is tight. It is beneficial to the people rearing it because the breed does not require much amount of feed. Also, the breed gains their sexual maturity at an early age and their rate of reproduction is quite high. Furthermore, the ability to resist diseases is high in this breed. Along with this, they can adapt to all the environments. Moreover, the breed produces good quality of skin and meat. The breed is a preferred choice because of the good quality of its skin.

•    Spanish

The Spanish goat is known by several names such as briar goats, hill goats, wood goats and many more. The breed requires less maintenance and thus, the cut the costs of high maintenance. Also, they can tolerate the changes in weather conditions and are known to adapt themselves to almost every climate. Furthermore, they can be made to breed outside the season of their breeding. In addition, the quality of their meat is good. Thus, the goats are used for the breeding purpose for the production of meat.

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